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Strengthening your readiness and response to attacks

What is Incident Response?

Incident response is an organized methodology to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. 

Business go through tremendous losses and disruptions after a cyber attack. Sometimes hackers are able to penetrate into a company's cyber assets despite a proper cyber security posture. Incident response is the art of cleanup and recovery when you discover a cybersecurity breach.

4IR incident response team aims at delivering valuable support to business to reduce recovery time and cost.

Need and importance of Incident Response?

Cyber Attacks must be taken seriously. They bring a lot of damage to business in terms of financial losses, damage of business goodwill, data loss, etc. Cyber attacks increase in scale and frequency as the hackers are now more advanced than ever.
If an incident is not properly contained and handled can( and usually will) grow into a bigger problem that can eventually lead to a deteriorating data breach, huge expense or system collapse. Responding to an incident quickly will help an organization minimize losses, mitigate exploited vulnerabilities, restore services and processes and reduce the risks that future incidents pose.

Incident response is a vital supplement to a company’s cyber defenses. Poor incident response can make you lose customers and invite greater government regulations. 




Ensuring that there is appropriate response plans, policies and other documents in place and identify the members of your incident response team including external entities.



Identifying whether you are dealing with an event or an incident. This is where understanding your environment is critical.



Working with the business to limit the damage caused to systems and prevent any further damage from occurring.



Ensuring you have a clean system ready to restore. This may be a complete reimage of a system, or a restore from a known good backup.



Determining when to bring the system back in to production and how long we monitor the system for any signs of abnormal activity.


Lessons Learned

As the business moves back into normal operations, it must incorporate additional activities and knowledge back into the incident response process to produce better future outcomes and additional defenses.

Cyber security attacks and data breaches must be taken seriously. Reach out to our experts immediately.

Report an Incident

Why wait for an incident to occur to take action? 4IR has an array of cyber security services to help your organisation stay safe from cyber attacks in a world of technologically advanced hackers.

Red Teaming

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Tests how well your organization would perform in the face of a real attack

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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Find and identify vulnerabilities in your systems, applications, networks, etc to prevent hackers from exploiting them

Web Application Penetration Testing

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Identify vulnerabilities that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and security of web applications and data

Network Penetration Testing

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Identify weaknesses in your network before someone else uses it to hack your network. 

Virtual CISO

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Assesses the cyber-risk and develop and implement the policies, procedures and controls needed to consolidate security and achieve compliance standards. 


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