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Cyber Security Services

Working towards building and maintaining best in-class cyber security services and solutions.

Protect your business from cyber crimes

It is overwhelming to see exponential growth in technoloy in this decade. With the 4th Industrial revolution in its growing stage, technology is advancing and opening doors to highly effecient and flexible ways with which organizations around the world operate. Automation technology is reducing human efforts in mainstream jobs considerably and technology like IoT is enabling connectivity between every electronic/computer device. Businesses are tranferring their workloads to cloud computing and there is a widespread digitalization across the globe. 
Well, at this fascinating rate at which world is transforming digitally, there is also need to understand about the various threats that come along with these technology. There are certain threats and loopholes in the very architecture of applications, devices and the internet that lets hackers exploit them, gain unauthorised access to data and use them for their own advantage or for espionage. Hackers use unscrupulous practices to bring down a network or system to harm a business and later use this situation for their personal advantage, which generally involves financial gains. Therefor every business must understand the need and importance of cyber security

Cutting-edge Cyber Security Services by 4IR Reseach Labs

Cyber security is not an option for any business. It is a shield against cyber attacks to protect business against huge losses. 4IR Research Labs offer best-in-class cyber security services to cater to the needs of the business. Our services are backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that helps us detect anomalies and provide fast and accurate results to our clients.


Our Virtual CISO assesses the cyber-risk and develop and implement the policies, procedures and controls needed to consolidate security and achieve compliance standards.


Our Red teaming process is designed to detect network and system vulnerabilities and test security by taking an attacker-like approach to system and data access, to provide an accurate situational awareness for network and system security.


We follow an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.


We conduct a Website Application Testing to identify vulnerabilities that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and security of web applications and data.


We provide an organization a detailed view of the threats facing its applications, enabling the business to better protect its systems and data from malicious attacks


Our network penetration testing uses ethical hacking and controlled exploits to identify weaknesses in your network before someone else uses it to hack your network.

360 Protection from cyber attacks

360 Protection

Best cyber security weapon against cyber threats

4IR 360 Protection is a complete cyber security solution for businesses for real-time and centralized monitoring, managing, auditing and analyzing systems and devices.


Powerful and Accurate Automated Crawling

Automated crawling of AJAX applications that leverage complex technologies like CRUD, JSON and WADL Operations.

AI Powered Cloud Based Scan

Powerful Scanning to bring out the most comprehensive control list for vulnerability assessment

Extremely Scalable with Multi Threading

Perform multiple scans without losing out on time and precision.

Zero False Positive Guarantee

Post scan filter that reduces the false positive rate to zero so that the resultant report is both actionable and accurate.

Generation of Compliance Reports

The scan is runned following the globally accepted compliance standards such as PCI DSS 3.1, ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-53.

Business Logic Flow Testing

Sequence of operations in the business logic is checked and any crtitical flaws are mapped to identify the vulnerabilities.

Cyber security for your business is as important as finding customers for it.

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Importance of Cyber Security

What makes Cyber Security IMPORTANT?

Organisations today rely heavily on technology to carry out operations seamlessly. But technology is always at risk from malicious parties. Therefore, it becomes really important to protect the technology that is offering an array of services and benefits to your business.

So why invest in Cyber Security?

1.Save your business and it’s assets from cyber attacks- cyber security protects your business from getting its valuable assets compromised by malicious parties.

2.Investing in cyber security is cheaper than the cost that follows security breach- The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million as of 2019 as per a report by Security Intellingence.

3.The law says so- Article 43A of the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000. It must be noted that the liability in the form of compensation to the party so affected has no upper limit, NO UPPER LIMIT.

4.Losses- losses that follow a security breach includes- data loss, financial loss, loss of goodwill, et cetera.

5.Keeps the trust of customers- when they know their personal data is safe with you.

6.Cyber attacks are smarter than ever- These days, cyber attacks are really sophisticated and smart. Why not be a step ahead of them?

Well, which is why we offer even smarter cyber security solutions.

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